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You took a winning gamble on Majestic.  You took a winning gamble on Downtown Las Vegas. And now you can double down on the scrappy little theatre company-that-could and become a Member.


By becoming a recurring Member, you’re saying, “YES! I love Majestic and how they enhance our Vegas community.” Your Membership is a gift that will aid us in continuing our mission. And Membership has its benefits!

Your tax deductible Membership will put you first in line to buy tickets to our upcoming shows, along with special discounts, and a frosty beverage at each visit. Some levels will get Troy’s glamorous backstage tour, invitations to closed rehearsals, and dinner with your favorite performers.


We’ve crafted eight different Membership levels that harken back to Vegas’s roots, from El Rancho to Stardust. (If you didn’t know, Majestic took its name from the first theatre in Las Vegas. It stood on Fremont Street where the Golden Nugget is today.)


If you want to take an even more active role, you can sponsor a production (ask us how!) - but go ahead and pull the handle, roll the dice, and Stand Up for the Vegas’s own Majestic Rep!

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2023-24 DONORS

STARDUST ($10k+)

City of Las Vegas

Todd Von Bastiaans & Bryan McCarthy

DUNES ($5k - $9,999)

Dina Emerson & Keith Barker

Terrence Williams

SILVER SLIPPER ($2,500 - $4,999)

David Stalder

LANDMARK ($1k - $2,499)

Darren Cole

MOULIN ROUGE ($250 - $999)

Aaron Berger

Jerry Bunge

Desert Labor Services LLC

Robert Amblad

Steven Friedlander

Amie Dorsey

Russell Eaton

Ginny Beall

Kate McLaughlin

Evelyn Leslie

Leann McAllister

Michael Sharon

Beverly DeVine

Stephen Sitar

Barbara Parisi Pasternack

Mark Badgett

Omar Hanson

Joanne Grubbs

Marilyn Morgan

James Greig

Judith Reagan

Jane Karadbil

Matthew Donnelly

LADY LUCK ($100 - $249)

Debra Yurinich

Taryn Torres

Lisa Sparky Tabor

Randell B. Perkins

Robert Papper

Aaron Mark

Kathy Merachnik

Alan Owens
Susan Danielewicz
Amanda Hallam
Julie Roos

Johannah Caley

Robert Kassnel

Jacob Moore

Darlene Williams

Steven Franklin

Robert Pemberton
Michelle Bassett

Teresa Fullerton

Anneete Verdolino
Glenn Kalaf

Elsa Roe

Dustin Shaffer
E. Wayne Worley

Roberta Miranda

Bill Fayne

Erin Black

EL RANCHO ($50 - $99)

Nancy Driscoll

Megan Fortin
Marisa Bello
Patricia Gravo

Kevin Brekke

Bradley Pickel

Stephen Broussard

Erin Hamilton

Richard Davis
Sarah Lowe
Kellie Wright Wiker

Tara Altizer

Donna Canepari

Robin Rothman

Ashlee Grubbs

Ann Mandell

Patricia Kart

Harold Fremer
Bruce Ewing

Timothy Williams

Holly Heneks

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